lunedì 14 settembre 2009

Battle Dress

This dress was designed to be suited to pitched battles, like the one that I have posted before this too was inspired by the LotR movies.

I have used brocade, cotton and lining.

I use to put this under the armor

The drawing is the concept art of this battle dress, the real version is indeed very alike the original design.

The front...

...and the back

The complete dress is made of three separated parts: an under tunic, a jacket and a mantle.
The under tunic is long, reaching mid calf, it has a comfortable v neck and is open from low waist on.
Its made from a linen cloth (3 meters long and 1.4 meters wide) folded in two and it's sewed under the sleeves and at the sides.

The jacket is made of brocade and cotton, it has a high neck and is kept closed with frog buttons.

The lower part of the jacket is dived in four 'petals' each of them has an upper part made of brocade and an under one made of cotton.